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                          中文 | EN

                          Rastar Group

                          Teamtop is part of  Rastar Group(SZ: 300043) , the interactive entertainment flagship, with responsibilities for Toys, Football, Games, and Investment, creating a diverse and integrated interactive entertainment ecosystem.

                          Mobile and browser game developer, comprising 10 innovative development teams

                          Global game publisher through 3737.com gaming portal and full-coverage of Chinese mobile game publishing channel

                           Publishing games through global partners, including Tencent, 37Games, Elex, and more

                          Owns the Spanish Primera Liga football team Espanyol while developing related busineses, such as International Football Camp, IP partnerships, and  advertising

                           Established Internet Industry and Cultural Industry Investing Fund, which has successfully invested in a spectrum of TV programs, gaming products, and digital advertising companies

                          Elite global car model and toy producer and emerging intelligent toy creator


                          Rastar Games belongs to Rastar Group (stock code is 300043). It owns several famous companies like Rastar Guangdong Xinghui Teamtop, Rastar Chang Yu and so on, involved the game design, publish and platform fields in the game industries. Rastar Games has developed and issued many excellent games including Yi Tian, Legend of MIR, Shooting Rain, Excellent Blaze Glory, Wrath of Monkey King, Tomb notes, Legend of the Three Kingdoms, Cang Zhi Ji Yuan.

                          As the leading operation platform, design and issue organization, Rastar Games has the core value to make happiness surround the consumers. Depending on the advantages of game chain system, Rastar Games develops the pan-entertainment with multiple game IP to offer the advanced experience for the players. 


                          Since 2010, rastargames has been growing rapidly as a group that strives for enthusiasm and greatness. rastargames has been very lucky to stand out from an extremely competitive market after overcoming many obstacles, and has gained acknowledgement and praise from organizations of the industry and the public.

                          • 2015


                            Winner of the Tencent's Excellent Partner of the Year 2015

                          • 2015


                            Dragon Knight was named Top 10 Best Browser Game in 2015 by VK.com (Russia's biggest social website). 

                          • 2012


                            Be awarded as Open Platform Premier Three-star developer by Tencent.